OPPO F3 Uses FPC1245 Sensor

A Fingerprint Cards fingerprint sensor is being used in a new device from OPPO. The OPPO F3 comes equipped with an FPC1245 sensor.OPPO F3 Uses FPC1245 Sensor

It’s the same sensor model used in the F3 Plus, another newly launched offering from OPPO; and it has also been used in the R9 and R9+, the F1s, and the A57 devices from the same company. OPPO is one of numerous China-based clients of FPC, and is evidently a happy customer, given its many integrations of FPC tech.

The integration announcement belies the difficult business situation currently faced by FPC, which has seen revenues from smartphone integrations stall due to an inventory glut among its customers. The company discussed the situation in this week’s Q1 update, in which CEO Christian Fredrikson said FPC’s leadership anticipates these difficulties to dissipate after a challenging first half of the year.