Oppo Sticks with FPC Sensor for Latest Device

Oppo is sticking with Fingerprint Cards‘ biometric technology in its latest device. The company’s new F3 Plus smartphone features an FPC1245 fingerprint sensorOppo Sticks with FPC Sensor for Latest Device.

It’s the same sensor model used in numerous previous devices from the China-based smartphone maker, including the R9 and R9+, the F1s, and, most recently, the A57 launched late last year.

In a statement announcing the integration, FPC explained that Oppo’s new device is a variant of the R9S Plus that the smartphone maker is “focusing on the India and South-east Asia market.” FPC also emphasized that the sensor comes equipped with its FPC 360Touch, FPC EvoTouch, FPC MoveTouch, FPC OneTouch, and FPC TouchNroll features.

The Oppo R9s has already launched in Australia, and is expected to reach India in early May.

Sources: TechRadar, 91mobiles