OT Dual Payments Card Gets Green Light for Norwegian Market

Oberthur Technologies has taken a big step in bringing contactless payments to Norway. The company has announced that its dual payments card has become the first in the country to certified by BankAxept, the provider of the majority of Norway’s debit cards; the card will be offered to customers of major savings bank coalition Eika GruppenOT Dual Payments Card Gets Green Light for Norwegian Market

In a statement announcing its success, OT asserted that more than 100,000 merchants in Norway accept contactless payments, while pointing out that 9 of 10 transactions involve a BankAxept card. As such, its dual payment card, which enables both NFC-based contactless payments and chip-and-PIN transactions, could prove popular.

The development comes amid negotiations to hammer out the details of OT’s upcoming merger with Safran Identity & Security in a deal expected to finalize next year. Safran has itself started to establish a strong presence in Norway as well, having been selected about a year ago to help lead a cross-sector effort to improve mobile security in collaboration with academics and financial services institutions. That could lead to some interesting synergy with OT’s payments solutions in the near future.