Huawei Opts for OT eSIM in Huawei Watch 2

Huawei will use Oberthur Technologies’ eSIM solution in its new Huawei Watch 2.

Huawei Opts for OT eSIM in Huawei Watch 2With the DakOTa v4.0 embedded SIM, Huawei’s new smartwatch can be remotely registered and deactivated with respect to mobile networks. That means a single device can be used by multiple users across multiple regions in a single lifecycle.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, OT emphasized that its eSIM solution meets GSMA Phase II standards, and that it is produced in the company’s SAS UP v7.0 certified factory in France. Viken Gazarian, the Deputy Managing Director of OT’s Connected Device Makers Business, added that Huawei’s embrace of DakOTa v4.0 is a “recognition of OT’s investment in innovation and of the dedicated services provided to our OEM customers in China.”

The deal arrives soon after OT, Huawei, and Saudi Telecom Company announced a plan last month to trial such eSIM technology in Huawei smartwatches in the MENA region.