OT-Morpho Teams With IoT Enabler Telit

OT-MorphoOT-Morpho Teams With IoT Enabler Telit has signed on with a new partner to help solidify its footing in the emerging Internet of Things market: Based in London, Telit bills itself as “the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement,” offering solutions for cellular, GNSS, and wireless connections.

The companies’ new partnership appears to be in preliminary stages, with specific details yet to come. In a statement announcing the agreement, OT-Morpho and Telit said they aim for “a next generation approach that will allow the digital distribution of mobile subscriptions on demand to IoT connectivity modules.” More specifically, they will endeavor to help carriers and related companies “jumpstart the IoT narrowband cellular economy,” with a particular focus on Cat-M and NB-IoT connectivity.

Solutions produced through the partnership could thus involve the kind of eSIM solutions already being produced by OT-Morpho. The DakOTa 4.0 eSIM, for example will enable a new ASUS tablet scheduled for release this summer to dynamically connect to new cellular services around the world. Various other IoT devices could benefit from such functionality, and OT-Morpho and Telit may be among the first to provide it.