OT Brings New Payment Card Solutions to Canada

(image via OT)

(image via OT)

Oberthur Technologies (OT) has launched its dual interface and Motion Code EMV payment cards in Canada, the company has announced.

The former is a contactless Interac debit card, while the latter is a payment card offering more robust security: Rather than the standard CVV security code found on most payment cards, the Motion Code card features a small screen that displays an automatically generated, constantly changing code. It’s a solution primarily aimed at reducing card-not-present fraud.

Commenting on these new offerings in a statement, Oberthur Technologies North America President Martin Ferenczi said that “OT is proud to bring a new level of customer-focus and innovation to Canadian customers with the best-in-class payment products and services which are supported locally.”

OT has a strong background in embedded security technology, with offerings such as the PEARL Secure Element, which was used in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 smartphones; and the company was also selected as the payment sector’s top innovator in an ABI Research report on payment and banking card technologies last summer. With these new efforts in secure payments, the company is further securing its presence in a market increasingly looking for more sophisticated security solutions as digital threats advance.