Over 100 Wireless Patents Picked Up By Fingerprint Cards

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoFew companies can claim to have benefited more from the mainstreaming of fingerprint biometrics that is being heralded in by Apple’s iPhone 5S and its Touch ID feature than Swedish sensor manufacturer Fingerprint Cards (FPC). In the wake of even just the rumor of an Apple endorsed biometric lock back in July, FPC’s stock received a significant boost followed by a series of design wins and smartphone launches of its own. Just last week the company released a very optimistic three year outlook that saw it on the receiving end of a great amount of mobile biometrics adoption.

This optimism in mobility is well earned. Fingerprint Cards has been very aggressive in its posturing regarding the mobile industry and the Asian biometrics market. To this end FPC has purchased a portfolio containing over 100 granted wireless patents from an unnamed holder.

“This purchase is part of FPC’s aggressive efforts in becoming the leading supplier of fingerprint sensors for the mobile industry,” said executive vice president and CTO Jӧrgen Lantto. “Our existing and growing IPR portfolio combined with the patent portfolio that we have purchased ensures that our IPR position equals our world-leading fingerprint sensor technology and market position”.