Pantech Android Phablet Launched in Korea Featuring FPC Fingerprint Sensor

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoFingerprint Cards AB (FPC) announced today that Pantech has launched a new phablet, the Vega Secret Note, that features the Swedish manufacturer’s fingerprint sensors. The new device will be appearing in Korean stores over the next month.

Pantech already has a fingerprint sporting mobile available in Korea: the Vega LTE A smartphone which, launched in August, also features FPC technology. The emerging mCommerce market in Asia is greatly enabled by the kind of strong authentication technology on the Pantech devices, and this is something that Fingerprint Cards is aiming to capitalize on with the sort of aggressive posturing it has taken in the region in recent months.

“The Korean market is one of the most advanced mobile markets,” says FPC president and CEO Johan Carlström.  “Pantech has become a pioneer in finger-sensor-enabled products and related security and convenience applications, such as the new Bartong payment service.”

This marks yet another mobile device protected by fingerprint biometrics hitting the market. Korea and Japan specifically have been ahead of the curve in adopting this technology, having served as hosts for the launch of smartphones with sensors beck when Touch ID was just a rumor.