Parking App Expands mPayment Support

PayByPhone, a mobile app that allowing users to pay for parking with their smartphones, says it will expand its support for Apple’s biometrically secured wallet to the UK this summer.

Parking App Expands mPayment SupportIn a statement announcing the move, the company emphasized the security of Apple Pay and its fingerprint scanning payment authorization system. “The timing of this feature is welcomed by the industry after a UK competitor to PayByPhone, RingGo, made headlines when its new app caused a UK wide data breach,” the company said.

The company added that support for Android Pay, which does not require biometric authorization of payments, has been enabled for customers in North America.

PayByPhone’s expansion of Apple Pay support will follow its introduction of the mPayment option to the US market last summer. It isn’t the only parking app to offer Apple Pay support, with Parking Panda, SpotHero, and even the UK town of Colchester‘s automated parking services system having enabled Apple’s wallet.