Password Manager Incorporates MacBook Pro’s Touch ID

A major password manager app has now incorporated the biometric security of the newest MacBook Pro. Keeper users can now access their password Vault using Touch ID.

Password Manager Incorporates MacBook Pro's Touch IDIt’s among the first applications to take advantage of the MacBook Pro’s fingerprint scanner, a new addition to Apple’s laptop line after the company pioneered the technology on its iPhone smartphones. And it’s a natural fit for Keeper, which lets users store passwords and files in a central Vault; the move effectively combines commonplace password security with biometric authentication. As Keeper Security CTO Craig Lurey explains in a statement announcing the integration, the feature “will save MacBook customers time and make their devices and online activity on their laptops safer.”

By effectively replacing the password login process with fingerprint biometrics, Keeper’s embrace of the MacBook Pro’s Touch ID could be another sign of the coming death of the password; it’s worth noting that Microsoft Edge, the Windows 1o browser that offers biometric authentication, also now supports another password management app, LastPass. Bit by bit, the biometric revolution that has taken place on mobile devices appears to be coming to laptops and PCs.