China’s PayEase Offers Apple Pay Support Via Apple Store App

PayEase, China’s major electronic payment platform, is now offering Apple Pay support on the Apple Store app, the company has announced.

China's PayEase Offers Apple Pay Support Via Apple Store AppWith Apple Pay’s recent launch in China, PayEase support was more or less inevitable. The company has offered payment solutions to the China region Apple Online Store since 2010, and as a longstanding partner it’s only natural for the company to enable mPayment support through the app.

Still, it’s another substantial win for Apple, whose mPayment platform has defied many industry analysts’ expectations with its highly successful launch in China. While the country already had prominent mPayment solutions like Alipay, Apple Pay saw about three million payment cards enrolled in its service in the first two days of its launch.

The company’s continued efforts to gather supporters like PayEase should help it to fend off rival Samsung Pay as it pushes into the market, though it will come as no surprise if PayEase eventually offers some form of support for the latter as well.