News Roundup: Paying With Your Car

Last week at Mobile ID World we brought you exciting news concerning connected cars and the Internet of Things. Mobile healthcare made headlines too as we saw some surprising developments in the mCommerce wars being waged between Apple, Samsung and Android.

Here is a look back on the biggest news in mobile identity management for the week that was:

Healthcare and Heartbeats

Medical background - Grunge styleIn healthcare news last week we reported on a new specification from IEEE, called the Biometrics Open Protocol Standard, which stands to benefit eHealth interoperability. Meanwhile, we saw lawmakers in the United States looking to aid stroke victims, particularly those in rural areas, with the use of remote care technology.

US Lawmakers Seek to Leverage Remote Care Tech for Stroke Victims

IEEE Enhancing eHealth Interoperability

Smart Cars & IoT

Internet of ThingsThe big connected car news last week was from a partnership between Visa and Accenture that has seen a smart automobile equipped with remote payment technology. Biometric authentication in cars was in the news too, with a report on a seatbelt that can measure a driver’s vital signs and authenticate her via the biometrics of her heartbeat.

In the broader Internet of Things last week, we saw new microcontrollers from Intel, an IoT development board from Arrow Electronics and a report on how the M2M network is bringing new opportunities to Malaysian communication service providers.

Smart Car Seat Belt Device Monitors Cardiac Biometrics

Visa and Accenture Turn Smart Car Into Payment Device

Intel Announces ‘Quark’ Line of IoT Microcontrollers

Industrial IoT Brings Opportunities for Malaysian CSPs: Frost & Sullivan

Arrow Electronics Announces Azure Certified IoT Development Board


Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsApple might not be a member of the FIDO Alliance, but those of us who have been waiting for the Cupertino company to join the consortium can at least make due with the newly announced FIDO Certified iOS products we reported on last week. British banks out caution in the news in the meantime, warning Apple Pay users to avoid enrolling other people’s fingerprints on their iPhones, while we reported on the first of the mobile wallet’s rewards card programs. A new patent from Apple describes a novel “panic finger” system, something that might be included on the iPhone 7, which we’ve already seen rumors about despite being a good 10 months away from its expected announcement.

Roster of 72 FIDO Certified Products Now Includes iOS Offerings

British Banks Warn Against Sharing Fingerprint Data

iPhone 7 Plus to Feature 3GB of RAM, Advanced A10 Processor

Apple Patent Details Touch ID ‘Panic Finger’ System

Apple Pay Integrates First Rewards Card with Walgreens


IMG_1468Samsung Pay made industry news last week with its own rewards cards feature announcement. The inclusion of such a program will likely stoke adoption of the mobile wallet, as will the new giveaway program that sees new subscribers gifted with a wireless charger.

Samsung Pay to Integrate Rewards Cards

Samsung Pay Subscription is Only String Attached to Wireless Charger Giveaway

The Cease Fire

Mobile payments, online banking.Despite their constant maneuvering to take up as much of the mobile wallet space as they can, Apple, Samsung and Android set aside their differences to protect the fruits of their similarities. Last week we reported in a newly formed lobby group, initiated by the big three in mCommerce, to serve the interests of the hot new mobile payments market.

Apple, PayPal, Google, and Others Form mPayment Lobby Group

FPC and Precise

Finger dollar 2Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) and Precise Biometrics have been having quite the year. Anyone who has been regularly visiting Mobile ID World will have been able to see that the fingerprint biometrics companies have been constant newsmakers, but last week we learned out the financial results that went along with all of their recent integrations. Both companies released their Q3 2015 numbers, and each report was expectedly fantastic.

Take a look at the numbers by clicking the links below:

Fingerprint Cards Posts Record Third Quarter

Fingerprint Sensor Market Boom Lifts Precise Biometrics’ Q3 Numbers

Mobile Biometrics

Biometric Authentication BannersIn mobile biometrics news last week was saw a Kickstarter launched for a new, dual screen handset that features earprint authentication. Nubia announced a new smartphone that sports eyeprint authentication for users and we reported on an new integration for ImageWare Systems’ biometric technology.

Dual-Screen Smartphone Features Earprint Authentication

Nubia Incorporates Eye Vein Authentication in New Smartphone

IT Integrator CDW Licenses ImageWare Biometrics Tech


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