PayPal Comes to Android Pay

PayPal and Google are expanding their partnership to enable PayPal-based payments through the Android Pay mobile payment platform.

PayPal Comes to Android PayThe companies first teamed up a few years ago when PayPal was enabled as a payment method in the Google Play digital media store. Soon – the companies haven’t set an exact launch date – users of Android Pay will see PayPal listed as a payment option within the app.

The development comes on the heels of PayPal’s announcement earlier this month that it was also extending a partnership with Visa into the APAC region, with PayPal evidently seeking to integrate its payment platform into those of other major financial services companies. In theory, PayPal and Android Pay should be competitors, but their administrators appear to believe they can reach more consumers by working hand in hand.

Not every digital payment platform is so gregarious, however. Apple appears to have been reluctant to enter into partnerships in promotion of its Apple Pay mPayment platform, and is nevertheless thought to be leading the pack when it comes to mobile payments operators. But if competitors like Android Pay and PayPal continue to build ties with each other, Apple Pay may soon find itself facing a formidable knot.