PayPal Announces Touch ID User Login

PayPal Announces Touch ID User LoginPayPal is now offering Touch ID support for its mobile app, the company has announced. Users of Apple’s mobile devices can now log in using the embedded fingerprint sensor system.

In a statement, the company positioned the move as a customer service improvement, emphasizing the password-less system’s ease-of-use and asserting, “we want to make sure you have the best experience possible.” PayPal also highlighted its commitment to security; it was a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, whose authentication standards have provided the fundamental security guidelines for the industry. And PayPal has previously worked with fingerprint biometric technology via its One Touch online checkout service and its collaboration with Samsung on mobile device payments.

This was more or less inevitable, of course. Major financial institutions are increasingly embracing Touch ID support for their mobile apps, and PayPal has been keen to stay competitive against these and the many mPayment platforms now on the rise. With biometric authentication poised to take on an even bigger role with the launch of Google’s Android M, PayPal may have further developments to come in this area soon.