PayPal Dramatically Expands One Touch Service

PayPal Expands One Touch Service Across Much of Europe, AustraliaPayPal has dramatically extended the reach of its One Touch service. The instant checkout system is now available in 13 new markets including Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, and Australia.

One Touch essentially simplifies the checkout process for users by letting them log in only once on a device in order to use PayPal across a range of applications, rather than requiring user login for each different merchant. It has proven very popular. PayPal says that more than half of the companies on the Internet Retailer 500 have enabled it, in addition to hundreds of thousands of other retailers around the world. Big-name supporters range from Home Depot to Airbnb.

Since becoming an independent company earlier this year, PayPal has signalled great ambitions in the world of digital commerce and payments, and in the world of mPayments has started to rival Apple, whose Apple Pay is currently the dominant mPayment system. While it isn’t quite an mPayment system, it’s another step deeper into the digital payments market, and of course One Touch features a strong mobile component. And by further entrenching itself in markets like Australia, where Apple has been struggling to find its footing, PayPal is further establishing its brand as the broader mPayment market expands.

Source: TechCrunch