PayPal Expanding One Touch Service to Canada, UK

PayPal Expanding One Touch Service to Canada, UK

PayPal continues to maneuver its way through the electronic payment sector, having announced an expansion of its One Touch service just ahead of today’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The move brings PayPal closer to the front lines of mPayment.

One Touch is a web-based service that lets users make purchases without having to enter their payment credentials every time; they only need to submit that information once, and then PayPal One Touch will remember it on the devices used. It’s meant to dramatically improve conversion rates for online sales by removing the mind-numbing difficulties associated with having to enter payment information, and it’s also available on mobile, allowing users to purchase products with much greater ease through their smartphones.

The service had initially debuted in the US, but it’s now being expanded to users in Canada and the UK. And this news comes immediately on the heels of another big announcement regarding PayPal’s services in Australia, where the company has now enabled mobile payment in physical stores with over 14,000 participating merchants.

Together with PayPal’s adoption of Touch ID login on Apple devices, these developments all point to a concerted effort to grab a big part of the mPayment market – one that could prove tricky given the major players already getting into the ring. But as a company that will soon be fully independent, PayPal is keen to carve its own path, and trying to get a foothold in the mPayment/mCommerce market is perhaps the most logical way forward for the company, and one that could have big payoffs down the line.

Source: TechCrunch