PayPal One of Top 100 Brands in the World

PayPal One of Top 100 Brands in the WorldInterbrand, a major global brand consultancy, has named PayPal one of the world’s top 100 brands. PayPal is ranked 97.

It’s not a great position in the list, but it is a great position in the world, especially given PayPal’s status as a newly independent company. Having broken off from parent company eBay this summer, PayPal has been angling to establish footing in a range of payments markets, from in-store payments via NFC to international money transfers to the growing realm of mPayments. Its ambitions are lofty; CEO Dan Shulman has suggested that PayPal aims to disrupt traditional payments in general and to lead the digital payments revolution.

Interbrand isn’t alone in giving the company a vote of confidence. Recent survey data has indicated that PayPal’s brand in the area of mobile payments could be even stronger than that of Apple; and shortly after PayPal went public as its own company, shareholders drove up the value of its stocks by 5.4 percent.

Celebrating the Interbrand ranking in a press release, PayPal PR executive Christina Smedley said, “We value the trust our customers have in our brand, so it’s great to see Interbrand recognize it too, as we seek to build a future that will enable the safer movement and management of money for everyone.”