Perceive Combines Facial Recognition And Social Biometrics

Socure Adds Facial Recognition to Social Biometrics PlatformSocure has announced a new weapon in its anti-fraud arsenal. Called Perceive, the system uses facial recognition in combination with its Social Biometrics platform for user authentication.

Essentially, Perceive compares a user’s image, captured at the time of authentication, against the online data associated with that individual via Socure Social Biometrics. That latter platform is the company’s flagship offering, a kind of online behavioral biometrics system that analyzes user activity on social media, mobile apps, and other online sources, identifying behavioral patterns for the purpose of authentication. Together with Perceive’s facial recognition system, which is able to operate via the front-facing camera of a user’s mobile device, it creates a versatile authentication system that can provide enterprise clients with an authenticity rating for the user in question. The solution is aimed primarily at financial institutions, but other applications are possible.

The launch of Perceive follows very quickly on another major announcement from the company last week regarding a new partnership with data science firm Feedzai. The company appears to be building momentum after some successful efforts to attract funding for its innovative authentication solutions, and as the benefits of combining data analytics with biometrics for authentication continue to accumulate, Socure should be able to attract even further attention.

September 17, 2015 – by Alex Perala