Philips Joins AllSeen Alliance

Philips Joins AllSeen AllianceThe AllSeen Alliance continues to grow with the addition of a prominent new member. Philips now joins the cross-industry consortium, which seeks to foster collaboration and the development of standards for the growing Internet of Things.

As part of the Alliance, Philips is going to help develop the AllJoyn open source software platform, and that comes as no surprise: The company has major stakes both in smart home electronics and remote healthcare devices, and both categories are expected to become increasingly intertwined as the IoT develops and expands.

In a statement, Philips executive Liat Ben-Zur explained that as healthcare moves into the private home, “[a]ddressing the needs of personal health requires a new perspective and innovative technologies like the AllJoyn software framework,” adding that “Philips also values the potential of collaborative partnerships to advance markets and improve consumer experiences forever.”

Of course, the development is also a big win for the AllSeen Alliance as it seeks to expand its influence. Philip DesAutels, a senior director with the Alliance, said that it’s “thrilled to welcome Philips to its member roster,” adding that with such “a global leader” onboard, “we’re in a position to advance AllJoyn as the software leveraged by all healthcare solutions.”

As excitement over the IoT has heated up, AllSeen has seen rapid growth, with a number of major companies joining its ranks. Ultimately, the group’s work should benefit all concerned – businesses and consumers alike – as it establishes common standards for the myriad devices and technologies comprising the IoT.