Playstation to Help Gamers Authenticate With Secret Codes

Sony’s embrace of SMS-based two-factor authentication on Playstation comes in the wake of NIST’s recent suggestion that such authentication is a ‘deprecated’ security mechanism.

Sony’s Playstation gaming platform is embracing two-factor authentication.

Playstation to Help Gamers Authenticate With Secret CodesAnnounced via Twitter last night, the system combines a user’s password with a verification code sent to the user via text for sign-in. In a post explaining the system on the Playstation website, Sony asserted, “By requiring two forms of identification for sign-in, your account and personal information will be better protected.”

That’s undoubtedly true, but it’s worth noting that the move comes in the wake of a security industry kerfuffle over the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s recent suggestion that SMS authentication is a ‘deprecated’ security mechanism. It’s not that such security is already outdated, but that it’s on its way out, with other authentication technologies such as biometrics emerging as better replacements.

For now, though, any major organization embracing 2FA is taking a positive step forward with respect to digital security, and Sony is in good company, with the likes of Google having adopted similar measures earlier this summer. Many users will appreciate the move.