Samsung to Hold Post-Mortem on Note7 Fiasco

Samsung is going to reveal the findings of its Galaxy Note7 post-mortem in an in-depth press conference on January 23rd.

Samsung to Hold Post-Mortem on Note7 FiascoThe company’s internal investigation sought to find the cause of the fire hazard reported with some Galaxy Note7 devices after the product’s launch, and which persisted even after an extensive recall. The fiasco cost the company billions of dollars, and delayed its bid to pioneer mobile iris scanning, with the Note7 having been the company’s first device to offer such a feature.

While the scheduled date of the report’s release was announced earlier this week, Samsung has offered more details on its plans, with the company evidently seeking not to quietly put the Note7 fiasco to bed, but to publicly own up to its failures and demonstrate that it is moving forward. In a statement, Samsung indicated that executives will discuss the investigation in a live-streamed press conference along with “independent expert organizations who conducted their own investigations”. Samsung will also outline “the new measures the company has implemented in response to the incidents.”

The effort could help Samsung to win back some goodwill ahead of the launch of its next flagship mobile device, the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is expected to offer the company another chance to become an iris biometrics pioneer.