Precise Biometrics Algorithm Featured on a Smartphone in Asia

It was only a matter of time before Precise Biometrics found its fingerprint algorithm on a smartphone, and it has finally happened. This past summer, when rumors began to gain heat around the possibility of fingerprint biometric sensors on a then only speculated iPhone 5S, Precise Biometrics found itself on the receiving end of a boost in the stock market. Then in August, after announcing a partnership with Fingerprint Cards AB that would have Precise Biometrics’ algorithm licensed along with the Sweedish manufacturer’s sensors, the countdown began, with FPC subsequently announcing design win after design win.

Today brings with it the announcement that the countdown has reached zero: the Precise Biometrics fingerprint algorithm is on a smartphone that is available on the Asian market. This is a direct result of the FPC partnership, the phone featuring a Fingerprint Cards sensor and Precise Biometrics’ BioMatch technology (the same used in the MINEX tests conducted by NIST).

As usual with news in the competitive Asian mobile biometrics market, the smartphone vendor is remaining anonymous.