Precise Biometrics To Host Annual General Meeting on May 16th

Precise Biometrics will host its Annual General Meeting on May 16th, the company has announced.

Precise Biometrics To Host Annual General Meeting on May 16thThe AGM will cover a range of administrative matters, including the election of Board members and an auditor, proposals on remuneration guidelines for the companies management, and so on. Participants will also go over a proposal for a new share offer program for employees, reflecting the Board’s view that “that an incentive program which offers the Company’s employees the opportunity to take part in an increase in value of the Company will enhance the commitment and motivation of the employees to work for a favorable financial development of the Company,” according to a statement announcing the AGM.

Otherwise, the previously announced proposals from the company’s nominations committee suggest a stay-the-course approach to the coming year, with Precise Biometrics busily seeking to acquire new hardware partners as it seeks to get its biometric algorithm software into a larger swath of the mobile device market.

The company’s AGM will be held at Mobile Heights, Mobilvägen 10, in Lund, Sweden.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)