Precise Biometrics Attains EBITDA Operating Profit

Precise Biometrics Attains EBITDA Operating Profit

Precise Biometrics has issued its Q4 and year-end report for 2015.

It was a strong quarter, with net sales of SEK 23.4 million (USD 2.75 million), and profit after tax reaching SEK 4.3 million (USD 510,000). Looking to full-year totals, the company’s consolidated net sales reached SEK 56.3 million (USD 6.61 million), and its net loss after tax decreased considerably compared to its 2014 results, reaching SEK -9.4 million (USD -1.1 million).

Commenting in a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson pointed out that the company has attained an EBITDA operating profit – at SEK 0.5 million, or $60,000 –”for the first time in the company’s history.” Perrson also highlighted the ‘rapidly’ growing mobile fingerprint sensor market – a real area of strength for both Precise Biometrics and hardware partner Fingerprint Cards – while maintaining that interest in other applications of fingerprint technology, such as the company’s efforts in mobile smart card solutions and its Tactivo readers, also continues to rise.

Summing up, Persson said that Precise Biometrics has established itself “as the leading supplier of fingerprint software for the mobile device market,” and reaffirmed that the company will continue to push ahead in other product areas. “The company is stronger than ever, and is well-positioned for continued profitable growth,” he said.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)