Precise Biometrics Announces Another BioMatch Mobile Integration

Precise Biometrics Announces Another BioMatch Mobile IntegrationAnother new smartphone is using Precise Biometrics technology to power its fingerprint sensor.

As usual, Precise Biometrics has not disclosed the name of its latest client, but the company has indicated that the integration once again comes by way of partner hardware developer Fingerprint Cards (FPC), which announced this week that its FPC1025 sensor has been integrated into the ivvi K2 smartphone. While the value of the integration to Precise Biometrics can’t yet be predicted as it’s based on licensing revenues, the company does expect those revenues to start coming in this quarter.

In a statement, Precise Biometrics Håkan Persson indicated that it is the client’s first smartphone integrating a fingerprint sensor, and said his company is pleased that the client has opted to go with a solution powered by the Precise BioMatch Mobile software system, “which in combination with a high qualitative sensor is crucial for fast and accurate authentication.”

The company’s fingerprint sensor business has been enjoying a string of successes over the past several months, largely in the Asian market but also expanding beyond that with recent deals. This latest integration should give an added boost to these other revenue streams as Precise Biometrics continues to enjoy the boom in the smartphone fingerprint sensor market.