Precise Biometrics CEO Thomas Marschall Endorses Touch ID

In the wake of the iPhone 5S announcement yesterday, which included the official unveiling of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, there has been non-stop discourse. A chorus of self-congratulation, followed by speculation as to the feature’s intended use (which was largely left out of the Apple event), and various claims as to whether or not this could mean the much heralded mainstreaming of consumer biometrics all filled the Internet social and media channels.

Weighing in on what he thinks the iPhone 5S security does right, Precise Biometrics CEO Thomas Marschall praised the multi-angle functionality in the Touch ID’s design.

Touting the Precise Biometrics algorithm he said, “The new iPhone 5S allows the user to successfully verify a fingerprint from different angles. This is key to a successful user experience. One of the recognized main strengths of the Precise Biometrics’ algorithm is its ability to handle such “rotating fingers”. This has been proven in test such as MINEX II and Ongoing MINEX by NIST.”

Clearly optimistic about the future of biometrics in mobile payment protection, Marschall expressed confidence in the Precise Biometrics product line for its ability to provide a competitive option in the coming age of mobile biometrics enabled payment, soon to be ushered in by Touch ID’s Appstore and iTunes transaction authorization.

Precise Biometrics, along with Fingerprint Cards AB (who has recently licensed the former’s algorithm for use in its sensors), has already been benefiting from the Touch ID, even before it was shown to the world. When rumors first began to resurface after the iOS 7 code leak in the summer, both companies saw a boost in the stock market. It looks like the benefits of being a fingerprint biometrics provider won’t stop there now that Apple has ignited this conversation.