Precise Biometrics Chairman Purchases 150,000 Shares

“Hellström’s stock purchase also comes in the wake of CFO Ulrik Nilsson’s purchase of 200,000 shares last month.”

Precise Biometrics Chairman Purchases 150,000 Shares

Precise Biometrics has just received a loud vote of confidence from its Chairman of the Board, Torgny Hellström. The company has announced that Hellström has purchased 150,000 shares in Precise Biometrics.

The move comes at a time of significant change for Precise Biometrics. Having seen its fingerprint sensor partners buffeted by market saturation and dropping ASPs over the 2017-2018 period, the fingerprint software specialist has maneuvered toward multimodality, and has introduced important structural changes to its business. A New CEO came onboard in August, and Precise Biometrics recently announced that it was consolidating its offices in Sweden and opening a new one in Shanghai to better serve the APAC market.

Precise Biometrics has also been jockeying for position in the emerging biometric cards market, which is expected by many biometrics players to deliver a considerable payoff down the line.

Hellström’s stock purchase also comes in the wake of CFO Ulrik Nilsson’s purchase of 200,000 shares last month. For his part, Hellström’s total accumulated shares in Precise Biometrics now sit at 200,000; while CEO Stefan K. Persson announced his purchase of over 300,000 shares after his appointment was announced near the start of the year.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)