Precise Biometrics Enterprise Focus Continues to Pay Off

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225Sweden-based Precise Biometrics has announced that it has received a major order for its Tactivo readers. The company will ship 2000 units to a South African insurance company; the order is valued at 1.12 million SEK.
Tactivo devices are essentially smart card readers that affix to mobile devices, thereby allowing for  improved access control via a user’s own personal smart device. It’s a rather ingenious solution that allows managers to effectively protect sensitive information (via access control) while giving employees that freedom to access data through their own personal devices, thereby improving their productivity at the same time. 
In a press release, Precise Biometrics credited the deal to the company’s focus on the enterprise market, and indeed, that seems the most logical approach for a device of this nature. More and more companies are putting their secure information into the cloud, and more employees are using smart mobile devices both for work and play. It makes perfect sense for companies like this South African insurance firm to look to Tactivo readers as a means of improving productivity and efficiency while ensuring a high level of digital security.