Precise Biometrics Mobile Software Expands Reach in Global Market

Finger scanner icons on black background.Four new smartphones are using fingerprint sensors that leverage Precise Biometrics technology, the company has announced. The integrations come by way of fingerprint sensor maker Fingerprint Cards (FPC).

While Precise Biometrics has been characteristically silent on the names of the new devices, announcements from FPC indicate that they are newly-announced smartphones from Gigaset and NextBit. The Gigaset ME is already widely available in Europe and the UK, with its companion devices the Gigaset ME Pure and the Gigaset ME Pro are coming later this year; meanwhile, NextBit’s Robin is still in development as the Silicon Valley-based startup develops its product and its company. All of the devices use FPC fingerprint sensors running on Precise Biometrics’ Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software.

While Precise Biometrics’ technology has increasingly found its way into smartphones from Asia-based OEMs, these new integrations arrive from elsewhere, with NextBit based in the US and Gigaset (a Siemens offshoot) based in Germany. In a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson commented that it is “interesting” to see “such strong launches from manufacturers of Android smartphones outside of Asia.” That could prove to be a bit of an understatement going forward, if FPC and Precise Biometrics continue to expand their reach in the global market. In any case, the integrations reinforce the rising trend of smartphone fingerprint sensors, and that should help to generate even more business with other OEMs going forward.