Precise Biometrics Finds Repeat Customer in Huawei

Precise Biometrics Find Repeat Customer in HuaweiPrecise Biometrics technology is powering the fingerprint sensor of another major new smartphone, the company has announced. Its Precise BioMatch Mobile software has been integrated into Huawei’s Honor 7i.

The integration came by way of partner fingerprint sensor maker Fingerprint Cards (FPC), whose FPC1145 provides the hardware. The ongoing partnership has proven very fruitful for both companies as their fingerprint products have found their way into numerous high- and mid- range mobile devices over the past several months; that trend led FPC to announce huge increases in revenues and profits for its latest fiscal quarter today.

It’s also something of a continuing partnership with Huawei, whose other recent mobile devices have also employed Precise Biometrics technology. In a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson expressed pleasure on behalf of his company at the new integration, and noted that it marks “the fourth consecutive model with Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint technology integrated from this leading manufacturer.”

The popularity of biometric authentication in mobile devices seems likely to increase even further as Google’s Android M mobile OS launches later this year; the system offers native fingerprint authentication capabilities, and could spur numerous developers and smartphone makers to take advantage of its possibilities, further stoking interest in Precise Biometrics’ technology.