Precise Biometrics Lauds Android M Fingerprint Biometrics

Precise Biometrics Lauds Android M Fingerprint BiometricsGoogle has launched its new Android M operating system, and it features native fingerprint sensor support, as anticipated. The move is cause for celebration among many users and professionals in the mobile industry.

That’s certainly true of Precise Biometrics, which announced its support in a press release. CEO Håkan Persson suggested that Google’s embrace of this technology could have a major impact on its proliferation in the mass market, asserting, “Google´s support for fingerprint technology will increase the number of mobile services that utilize fingerprints instead of passwords.” He added that this, in turn, ” will lead to fast growing range of applications that use fingerprint technology for convenient and secure access, which makes people’s lives easier and safer.”

Precise Biometrics’ enthusiasm for the move is also related to the company’s partnership with Fingerprint Cards (FPC). FPC integrates Precise Biometrics’ algorithms into its sensor hardware, and collaborated with Google to help develop the fingerprint sensor API used in Android M. It’s good news for everyone; as more apps and services – including Google’s own Android Pay mPayment platform – seek to take advantage of the OS’s fingerprint sensor capabilities, FPC and Precise Biometrics stand to benefit with potentially improved sales via smartphones integrated their technology. And it’s a win for the consumer, too, who gets to enjoy convenient and secure biometric authentication on Android devices.