Precise Biometrics Marks Mobile Milestone

Precise Biometrics has reached a major milestone in its smartphone biometric line of business. The company has announced that its Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software has now been integrated into more than a hundred smartphones, from over 30 different vendors.

Precise Biometrics Marks Mobile MilestoneIn a statement announcing the watermark, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson said the achievement is a testament to the company’s technology. “This proves that our software provides the best user experience and security for products with small fingerprint sensors,” he said.

It’s an assertion the company will be keen to emphasize going forward as its longtime partner FPC, which has facilitated many of its smartphone integrations through its smartphone sensors, moves ahead with its own proprietary algorithm software. But Precise Biometrics has also been forging new partnerships with sensor makers, and its leadership sees plenty of room for competition in the growing mobile biometrics market.

Moreover, the company is also exploring other applications for its biometric algorithm technology, such as smart cards and a number of potential Internet of Things applications, many of which could come about through FPC’s new all-in-one fingerprint module, which uses Precise Biometrics software.