Precise Biometrics Announces New R&D Director

Precise Biometrics has found its new R&D Director, and he comes from within the company’s own ranks. Fredrik Clementson, a Precise Biometrics engineer, will take the position starting September 1st.Precise Biometrics Announces New R&D Director

The search began in late spring, when Rutger Petersson, who has been with the company for a decade, announced his resignation as he sought to accept a new position as Verisure Innovation’s Analytics & Insight Manager. Petersson will officially make his departure at the end of the month, with Clementson taking his place.

Clementson, too, has been with Precise Biometrics for ten years. According to a statement announcing his promotion, Clementsson has acted as a developer and project manager, and has assisted in sales. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering and previously worked in development roles with Obigo and Teleca USA. Commenting on his appointment, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson emphasized that Petersson “has been working for a long time within the company and has extensive knowledge about our business, products and customers.”

Clementson will be leading R&D efforts at a propitious time for the company, with Precise Biometrics algorithm software being used in emerging smart card and ultrasonic fingerprint sensor applications, and with more resources having been freed up for such efforts with the company’s divestment of its Tactivo product line.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)