Precise Biometrics Software Used In Two New Xiaomi Devices

Precise Biometrics‘ algorithm software is being used in two new Xiaomi devices, the company has announced.Precise Biometrics Software Used In Two New Xiaomi Devices

One of them is the Redmi 4X, the latest entry in Xiaomi’s Redmi line to take advantage of the Precise BioMatch Mobile system. The other is the Xiaomi Mi 5C, following previous Mi line devices like the Xiaomi Mi Mix that have also taken advantage of Precise Biometrics’ biometric technology.

Both integrations come by way of longtime hardware partner Fingerprint Cards, which evidently continues to support Precise Biometrics with device integrations despite concerns on the latter’s part about a coming squeeze on integration revenues. That bodes well for Precise Biometrics, which appears to be taking a ‘steady-on’ approach to 2017 in terms of business strategy.