ProPay Announces Samsung Pay Support

US-based ProPay has announced Samsung Pay support.

ProPay Announces Samsung Pay Support

Samsung Pay had a big presence at last week’s Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen.

The company offers payment solutions to a wide range of organizations, from home-based small businesses to major corporations. Now, with its newly announced support, those clients who are using its ProPay JAK card reader and compatible Android or iOS app will be able to start processing Samsung Pay mPayment transactions.

In a statement announcing the support, ProPay highlighted Samsung Pay’s ease-of-use and the wide compatibility enabled by its magnetic secure transmission technology. ProPay President Dave Duncan also framed the mPayment platform as a complement to the company’s suite of options, asserting, “From our Virtual Terminal and Email Invoicing offerings to our mobile payment options, which now include Samsung Pay, ProPay is best-suited to meet and surpass the needs of small merchants.”

The support further extends the reach of Samsung Pay in the US, where it has been striving to gain marketshare against rivals like Android Pay and Apple Pay. While the latter doesn’t pose a direct threat, since Apple Pay and Samsung Pay operate on entirely separate hardware ecosystems, it does appear to control a greater slice of the US mPayment market, having launched about a year ahead of Samsung Pay.