Qualcomm Announces Biometric Patches for Healthcare

Qualcomm Life has announced new biometric patches aimed at the healthcare industry, and has secured a partner to deliver the technology to that market. Qualcomm Announces Biometric Patches for HealthcareThe patches were developed through Qualcomm Life’s 2net Design program, which is aimed at streamlining the development of FDA and HIPAA compliant connected technologies.

In a statement, the Qualcomm subsidiary said the patches can track “a variety of biometric parameters,” highlighting their motion detection and temperature assessment capabilities in particular. They are designed to deliver real-time data on the user, offering a range of medical and therapeutic applications.

The company has established a licensing agreement with Benchmark Electronics entitled it to design and manufacturer devices incorporating the technology. Commenting on the cooperation, Benchmark Electronics CEO Paul Tufano emphasized that the aim is to deliver medical devices that are “economical, secure and user friendly.”

Qualcomm Life says its biometric patches are currently undergoing clinical testing, and that Benchmark Electronics is expected to deliver them to market next year.