Qualcomm Tech Plays Key Role in Galaxy Note7

The iris scanning functionality on the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 is enabled in part by Qualcomm Haven.

Qualcomm technology is playing a key role in Samsung’s new Galaxy Note7 smartphone, the company has announced.

Qualcomm Tech Plays Key Role in Galaxy Note7Officially launched on August 2, the Galaxy Note7 sports a number of technologically sophisticated features and a strong emphasis on security, with an iris scanning capability being a prominent example of both. That feature is enabled in part by Qualcomm Haven, which Qualcomm says offers “a secure foundation for eye-based biometric scanning.”

Meanwhile, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor enables the device’s 4K video functionality, and the Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec allows the Note7 to offer high-fidelity audio. Additionally, Qualcomm Quick Charge technology facilitates a fast recharge for the device’s battery.

It’s the iris scanning that takes center stage, though. In a statement announcing Qualcomm’s technological support for the Note7, Samsung VP Hyungsuk Kim emphasized that Samsung is “pleased to offer a smartphone that comes with a secure iris scanning feature,” adding, “We worked very closely with Qualcomm Technologies engineers to deliver security for biometrics technologies.”

If the feature proves to be a hit among users, it could lead to many more integrations of Qualcomm’s technology in future devices.