Qualcomm Solidifying Foothold in IoT

Qualcomm Solidifying Foothold in IoTQualcomm is quickly expanding into the Internet of Things, with a number of its subsidiaries solidifying their presence in the market with new solutions and offerings. (The company uses the term “the Internet of Everything”, or IoE.)

Its cementing its hold in the smart home marketplace primarily through Qualcomm Atheros, which offers low-power technological platforms that have already appeared in 120 million smart home devices over the last year. It’s also providing chipsets and connectivity hardware for wearables via its QTI division, with a number of new designs under development; and QTI is also providing the communications infrastructure for the emerging smart car, with over 20 million connected vehicles currently using its Qualcomm Snapdragon LTE and 3G modems to enable in-vehicle connectivity, and over 15 OEMs currently working with QTI on further connected car programs. Many of those smart cars are eventually going to drive around in smart cities using QTI communications infrastructure in such areas as lighting, energy, recycling, water usage, and even municipal WiFi.

More broadly, Qualcomm is working in the area of mobile healthcare, with such platforms as the 2net Device Connectivity Platform and the HealthyCircles Care Coordination Platform along with HealthyCircles Mobile. And it’s a founding member of the increasingly prominent AllSeen Alliance, an industry-wide conglomeration seeking to establish an open platform of standards for the IoT – which is clearly needed, given the enormous range of technological areas in which a company like Qualcomm can get involved as it explores the growing IoT (or IoE).