Radius Bank Signs On for Apple Pay

Apple PayRadius Bank, a US-based community bank specializing in virtual banking services, has announced Apple Pay support. Effective immediately, all Radius customers will be able to link their debit cards to their Apple Pay profiles.

It’s a logical step for the bank, given its forward-thinking approach to technology. Radius Bank launched its own mobile payment system called Radius Pay as far back as 2013, and now, as CEO Michael Butler puts it in a press release, the Bank is “excited to expand our payment options so our clients can use what works best for them.”

As Apple seeks to fend off the market incursions of the Samsung Pay and Android Pay, both of which recently launched in the US, Radius Banks’s support is undoubtedly a win. But the competitive advantage in this particular case will only last so long; Radius Bank says that it will offer support for Apple Pay’s rivals starting next year. In the meantime, Apple will continue to seek to shore up support from other financial services institutions and additional merchants to maintain marketshare against its rivals, and perhaps against Samsung Pay in particular, given its bragging about being the most widely accepted mPayment platform in the country.