Reaching The Tipping Point For mCommerce

According to a new presentation from BI Intelligence, smartphones and tablets are taking up a significant portion of the online commerce pie.

Research compiled by Business Insider shows that, during the first quarter of 2014, almost 25% of all eCommerce site visits in the United States were made from smartphones. This is an 18 percent increase on the whole year of 2013. Add in the 12 percent of eCommerce site visits made up by tablet users (up from last year’s 9 percent share) and what you have is a strong indication of how users want to shop online.

With this increase in mobile visits comes an inevitable decline in PC use for the purpose of eCommerce. A presentation available through the Business Insider website sheds more light on key drivers in this change, namely the increase towards ubiquity in mobile devices. It also gets into the nitty gritty of how this will be effecting brick and mortar retail stores, detailing how many are projected to close their doors in the coming years thanks to online and mobile options.

Thanks to innovations in mobile identity, mCommerce and a focus on improving end-user experience, mobile simply seems like a more appealing option in payment. PayPal specifically has taken advantage of the mainstreaming of smartphone biometrics to leverage the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor in a mobile online payment solution.

As a sales platform, mobility is also finding ways to connect to users in ways previously thought only possible in real life. Last fall, at a Google sponsored event in Toronto, a fine art eCommerce startup called Wondereur turned quite a few heads with its end user focused mobile experience.

When it comes to mobile and finance on a larger scale, with banking particularly, recent research from Deloitte shows that security concerns are still keeping them away from the adoption of managing their accounts via smartphone.