Latest Redmi Handset Sports FPC Fingerprint Sensor

Xiaomi is launching a new version of its latest Redmi smartphone, and is once again incorporating Fingerprint Cards technology.

Xiaomi's Redmi Returns, Again With FPC SensorLast autumn, the China-based smartphone maker launched the Redmi Note 3, which offered biometric fingerprint scanning via an FPC1035 sensor. Now, its new device, dubbed Redmi 3 – Enhanced edition, returns with the same sensor in place.

While not surprising, the integration is another affirmation of FPC’s leading position as a supplier of fingerprint sensors to smartphone OEMs. Moreover, it comes alongside another FPC integration with a Gionee smartphone, with an FPC1025 sensor powering the fingerprint scanning capabilities of the latter’s W909 device.

And all of this, of course, points to the increasing preponderance of biometric fingerprint scanners on mobile devices, a trend that has risen rapidly over the last couple of years. The mobile biometrics revolution has helped to propel FPC and longstanding software partner Precise Biometrics to their prominence today, enabling them to now look beyond the smartphone market as they seek further opportunities.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)