Repeat Customer Integrates Precise Biometrics Tech

Repeat Customer Integrates Precise Biometrics TechFingerprint biometrics software developer Precise Biometrics has announced that its technology has been integrated into two new smartphones.

The mobile devices are the product of a preexisting China-based customer, which Precise Biometrics has not named. Precise Biometrics says that the integration will generate licensing revenues starting this quarter, though it can’t yet forecast specific numbers as results will depend on how many sensors end up being shipped by its hardware partner, Fingerprint Cards (FPC).

The new smartphones are using the company’s Precise BioMatch Mobile system, which has found its way into a number of mobile devices from Asia-based OEMs over the past several months. In a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson expressed pride on behalf of his company over the repeat integrations, saying, “We appreciate their continued trust in our fingerprint software, which in combination with a high qualitative sensor is crucial for fast and accurate authentication.”

While these latest integrations underline the company’s strong position in the Asia-Pacific market, Precise Biometrics has also been expanding its reach recently, with its technology, again through FPC sensors, finding its way into devices from US- and Germany-based OEMs.