Resilient Samsung Maintains Lead in Indian Smartphone Market

Resilient Samsung Maintains Lead in Indian Smartphone MarketSamsung has retained its place at the top of India’s smartphone market for the first quarter of the year, according to an article in The Times of India. This occurred despite a contraction in the country’s overall smartphone market.

It’s a continuation of a trend from the end of last year, which also saw the company dominate India’s smartphone market. Citing data from CyberMedia Research, the article notes that in fact Samsung actually managed to increase its marketshare in the area of smartphones, bringing it up to 27.9 percent from 23.7 percent in Q4. This is credited to the company’s “ability to add to its portfolio in all the major price segments within smartphones”, though it can’t have hurt that Q1 also saw the debut of Samsung’s new flagship devices.

Samsung’s dominance in India’s smartphone market may reflect a broader trend: The company outsold its rivals in overall smartphone shipments on a global scale in Q1. The feat is all the more remarkable in light of the fact that the company’s profits took a 39 percent plunge in the same quarter. Given Samsung’s many struggles over the last year, it’s a reassuring sign of resilience and an indication that the company maintains strong standing in the smartphone market.