Revamped PayPal App Signals mPayments Focus

Revamped PayPal App Signals mPayments FocusPayPal is launching a massively revamped mobile app. Sporting a dramatically overhauled user interface, the new version also has numerous new features.

The move is clearly in recognition of growing trends in payments, most notably a move toward mobile transactions; PayPal says that a full quarter of all of its transactions currently go through mobile devices. As such, the UI has been redesigned to make it easier and more intuitive for users to make payments, and features new options like letting users send and receive peer-to-peer payments, and enabling fingerprint authentication on Android 6.0.

Much of this could also signal a bigger push into mPayments, and TechCrunch reports that PayPal will announce NFC support for Android at next week’s Mobile World Congress.

Naturally all of this is further going to pit PayPal against mPayment rivals like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and the company appears to be preparing for a global fight: The new app is currently set up for 26 markets, supporting 17 languages, and appears to be designed to allow customization for further markets. As its other mPayment rivals themselves endeavor to reach new markets, the competition is definitely going to heat up as the year goes on.

Sources: TechCrunch, Phandroid