News Roundup: Automotive ID and Wearable Tech

Last week at Mobile ID World the FIDO Alliance made the news with newly announced milestones and partnerships. We saw big announcements in automotive ID too, while headlines came out of the Global Identity Summit in Tampa. We saw the usual mobile biometrics integrations, a big Samsung Pay upgrade, and more news concerning the biometric bra.

Here’s a look back on all of last week’s biggest news in mobile identity management:

Automotive Concerns

News Roundup: Automotive ID and Wearable TechUber announced a driver verification system in the US based on facial biometrics captured via selfie. Meanwhile, in automotive access control we saw Gemalto and Valeo partner for mobile car key technology. Take a look at last week’s automotive ID news:

Uber Requires Drivers’ Selfies for Verification

Virtual Car Key Gets Gemalto Security

FIDO Alliance

News Roundup: Automotive ID and Wearable TechThe FIDO Alliance was all over the news last week, announcing its latest certification milestone while Samsung SDS championed the consortium’s standards as drivers of innovation. Samsung SDS walked the walk too, partnering with Sensory, a company that boasts FIDO Certified voice and face authentication technology. Finally, a new four-way partnership with Lenovo, PayPal, Intel, and Synaptics is aiming to bring FIDO-based fingerprint biometrics to laptops.

250 Products Are Now FIDO Certified

Lenovo Partners with Intel, PayPal, Synaptics To Make FIDO-based Tech

Samsung SDS FIDO Client Solutions to Integrate Sensory Biometrics

FIDO Standards Promote Innovation, Says Samsung SDS Exec

Global Identity Summit

News Roundup: Automotive ID and Wearable Tech

We were in Tampa last week with our sister site FindBiometrics reporting form the Global Identity Summit.  Crossmatch launch its latest mobile livescan innovation at the conference, and the company’s Ben Ball gave us the inside scoop on this launch in an interview published Monday. JENETRIC launched mobile biometrics tech too, unveiling its LIVETOUCH quattro Compact solution at a festive party on day-one of the conference.

JENETRIC Unveils LIVETOUCH quattro Compact at GIS 2016 Party

Crossmatch Unveils Mobile Livescan Innovation at GIS 2016

Mobile Integrations and Consumer Tech

News Roundup: Automotive ID and Wearable TechFingerprint Cards announced two new smartphone integrations last week as we saw rumors surface about a potential biometric BlackBerry, and Synaptics announced its Natural ID fingerprint tech is on the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop. Here are last week’s fingerprint sensor integration stories:

Synaptics Biometric Sensor Protects Lenovo’s Yoga 910

ZUK Z2 Plus Features FPC Biometrics Tech

BlackBerry Preparing First Fingerprint-Scanning Smartphone: Reports

FPC and Precise Biometrics Announce New Smartphone Integration

Multi-Factor Authentication

News Roundup: Automotive ID and Wearable TechLast week Yubico announced that with the launch of macOS Sierra, Macs now offer Yubikey second factor authentication support. Multi-factor was also in the news as we examined BIO-key’s WEB-key platform, which the company asserts was designed to accommodate multiple forms of authentication.

WEB-key Was Designed to Accommodate Multi-Factor Authentication

macOS Sierra Enables YubiKey Support for Macs


News Roundup: Automotive ID and Wearable TechVisa Europe has released survey results indicating that British consumers are warming to biometric FinTech. It’s a good thing, because biometrics are spreading throughout financial services on a continual basis. Samsung Pay was upgraded to support iris authentication last week, and Daon was reported to be working with multiple Japanese banks in developing a multimodal biometric login system. In other mobile financial news, we saw Safran Identity & Security consider expanding into mPayments.

Read all of the top FinTech stories of last week:

Survey: Brits Express Interest in Biometric FinTech

Safran Considers Expansion Into mPayments Via AirTag

Iris Scanning Comes to Samsung Pay

Japanese Banks To Implement Daon’s Multimodal Biometrics

Wearable Tech

OMsignal announced last week that its biometric smart bra, the OMbra, is now available for purchase. We also got a look into who is providing some of the key technology for the Apple Watch Series 2—reports surfaced that Taiwan’s Advanced Semiconductor Engineering is the exclusive provider of the smartwatch’s dual-core S2 chip.

The Biometric Bra Is Now Available For Purchase

ASE Reportedly Providing Key Tech for iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2


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