News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger Acquisition

Last week at Mobile ID World we reported on major acquisitions news in the world of biometrics-powered FinTech while behavioral biometrics, Internet of things, and smartphone integrations filled out the bulk of the industry news.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile identity management:

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FIDO Certified Authentication

News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger AcquisitionSafran achieved FIDO certification for its electronic ID solutions last week. Meanwhile we explored the benefits of the strong authentication standard when it comes to countering the high profile threat of spoofing, with founding FIDO Alliance member Nok Nok Labs recently having asserted such claims. Nok Nok Labs also entered into a partnership with Gallagher, we reported last week, a team-up that will see the development of a new mobile access control platform.

Here’s how FIDO specifications made the news last week:

Safran Achieves FIDO Certification for eID Solution

NNL Partnership Will See Development of Mobile Access Control Solution

FIDO Specs and Multi-Factor Thwart Spoofing Threats: NNL

Internet of Things

News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger AcquisitionOberthur Technologies has entered into a new partnership with French R&D lab Leti in a move that will see it innovating in various areas including connectivity and Internet of Things. Synaptics made IoT headlines too, announcing new touch controllers for connected cars which are currently in the sampling phase.

Synaptics Announces New Touch Controllers for Cars

OT Invests in R&D with New Partnership


News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger AcquisitionThe big headlines from last week were in the realm of acquisitions. Ant Financial, best known as the operator of Alipay, purchased vascular biometrics company EyeVerify, a move that prompted the company to re-commit publicly to its recently struck partnership with BioConnect. Meanwhile, the impending sale of Safran’s biometrics business still looms large, and a new report gave insight into some of the biggest bidders in the race to acquire one of the most prominent names in global identity tech.

Report Names Shortlist of Companies Bidding on Safran’s Biometrics Business

EyeVerify Has Been Acquired by Ant Financial

BioConnect and EyeVerify Double Down on Commitment to Global Adoption

Behavioral Biometrics

News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger AcquisitionImageWare has partnered with Fortscale, a move that will eventually see the development of a new identity management platform, but in the meantime has resulted in the former’s GoVerifyID integrated into the latter’s behavioral biometrics solution. Meanwhile, a new startup came out of stealth mode last week with an aim to use behavioral biometrics for authentication. UnifyID boasts near perfect authentication accuracy leveraging myriad behavioral factors including gait biometrics.

GoVerifyID Integrated With Fortscale 2.7

Startup Claims 99.999% Accuracy for ‘Implicit Authentication’ System

Smartphone Biometrics Integrations

News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger AcquisitionIt’s official, Princeton Identity—which recently spun off from SRI International—has confirmed that its iris biometrics tech is in fact featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone. While iris authentication is continuing to enter into the world of consumer mobile tech, fingerprints are still on the path to ubiquity. Fingerprint Cards sensor technology has been integrated into three new handsets from Lenovo, and rumors are swirling that the next Xiaomi phone will feature an under-glass ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Rumors Suggest Next Xiaomi Smartphone to Feature Under-Glass, Ultrasonic Sensor

Fingerprint Cards Tech Arrives in Trio of Lenovo Smartphones

Samsung’s Mobile Iris Biometrics Provided by Princeton Identity

Mobile Payments

News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger AcquisitionApple Pay made its debut on the web last week, satisfying months of anticipation that the platform would expand to allow for online commerce. Meanwhile, we saw more support arrive for Android Pay and Samsung Pay respectively, and Gemalto has developed an in-house mobile payment solution for Carrefour.

Gemalto Develops mPayment Solution for Carrefour

Further Web Support Emerges for Apple Pay

BigCommerce Gets Big Opportunity with Apple Pay Web Support

Android Pay Gets Boost in Support from UK Banks

Samsung Pay Catching On With Tableside Tablets


News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger AcquisitionMoving from payments to banking, we reported last week on the recent improvements made to Chase Bank’s biometric login for its mobile app while we saw Gemalto’s technology bring mobile second factor authentication to a Taiwanese bank.

Chase Bank Expands Mobile Biometric Support

Gemalto Solution Turns Smartphone Into Key for Digital Banking

The Big Flagship Phones

News Roundup: A Big Smartphone Launch, A Bigger AcquisitionThe iPhone 7 launched on Friday, and despite the lack of hype surrounding this latest Apple phone, the handset still managed to sell out in many areas. Samsung, meanwhile, continued to manage the Galaxy Note7 recall, urging users of the phone to trade their handsets in for replacements.

iPhone 7 Launch Sees Less Buzz But Big Lines

Samsung Focuses on Customer Care in Recall Effort


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