News Roundup: Biometric Mobility

Last week at Mobile ID World we reported the latest news regarding biometric smartphones and tablets, encouraging headlines concerning standards and specifications, and big developments in connected living and IoT.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile digital identity:

Biometric Mobility

News Roundup: Biometric MobilityLast week we reported on five smartphone integrations for Fingerprint Cards, while Synaptics made the news with the announcement that its own sensor is included on ASUS’ ZenFone AR. A new rumor about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 handset had us speculating on how biometrics will be featured on the device, and Fujitsu announced a new biometric system that could see palm vein authentication coming to tablets.

FPC Announces Three New Smartphone Integrations

Samsung Galaxy S8 Devices to Bid Farewell to Home Button

Two New Fingerprint Sensor Integrations For FPC

ZenFone AR Features Synaptics Biometric Sensor

New Biometrics System to Bring Palm Vein Scanning to Tablets

More Fingerprints

News Roundup: Biometric MobilityBeyond the smartphone news, fingerprints made headlines last week as NEXT Biometrics announced it expects to have its flexible sensors in mass production in Q2 of this year. Meanwhile, a Japanese researcher warned that fingerprints could be stolen from photos taken of subjects showing the peace sign with their hands.

Researcher at Japan’s NII Warns of Fingerprint Theft via Photo

NEXT Biometrics Prepares For Mass Production of Flexible Fingerprint Sensor

The Future

News Roundup: Biometric MobilityLast week, as our sister site delved into the results of the 14th Annual FindBiometrics Year in Review, Deloitte predicted the continued rise of biometric technology. Samsung was looking to the future too, having rebranded its innovation center at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Deloitte Predicts Continuing Rise of Biometric Technology

Samsung Looks to Future at CES 2017

Voice Recognition

News Roundup: Biometric MobilityLast week we reported on a new technology called FirVox that aims to replace digital signatures with voiceprints. Sensory’s speech recognition technology made headlines too: its VoiceGenie solution stands to bring Amazon Alexa to Bluetooth headsets, and a new low-power voice activation technology (developed in collaboration with Vesper and DSP Group) can work for years without battery replacement.

FirVox Can Replace Signatures With Voiceprints

Low-Power, Rugged Voice Activation System Could Let Devices ‘Run for Years’

VoiceGenie to Bring Alexa to Bluetooth Headsets

IoT, Connectivity, Wearables

News Roundup: Biometric MobilityEricsson and China Mobile announced an IoT-centric partnership last week as Gemalto announced it’s providing the eSIM technology for China’s first Internet Car. In the world of wearables, meanwhile, Samsung announced that its Gear devices are now compatible with Apple’s iOS.

Ericsson, China Mobile Cement IoT Partnership

Gemalto Provides eSIM Tech for Chinese Internet Car

Latest Samsung Gear Devices Now iOS-Compatible


News Roundup: Biometric MobilityLast week, NEC announced that it is one of five members of a consortium working to develop European smart city standards. Meanwhile, a new mobile specification from the MIPI Alliance, one regarding multiple sensor integrations on mobile devices, was revealed. And FIDO Alliance made the news too, stating that in 2016 it saw 200 percent growth in the number of FIDO Certified products.

NEC to Help Develop Smart City Standards in Europe

The Number of FIDO Certified Products Grew by 200% in 2016

New Mobile Specification Could Foster IoT Development


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