News Roundup: Consumers And Mobile Security

Last week at Mobile ID World we took a featured look at consumer device security, both as it exists now on the cutting edge of wearable tech, and where it will be going in the near future. 5G connectivity, digital wallets, and mobile fingerprint sensor integrations made up the bulk of the industry news, while voice and speech biometrics rounded out our coverage.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile digital identity:

Consumers And Mobile Security

News Roundup: Consumers And Mobile SecurityLast week we featured a guest article from Haider Iqbal, Segment Marketing for the IoT and On-Demand Connectivity at Gemalto. The post detailed the company’s collaboration with Orange and Samsung to enable a world first in wearables: a smartwatch with a built-in eSIM. Innovation was also at the heart of another featured topic of the week – now that Touch ID is coming to the laptop, where will biometrics be coming next in terms of consumer applications?

GUEST POST: The First Smartwatch With Built-in eSIM has Arrived

Where Do Consumers Still Need Biometric Authentication?

Voice and Speech

News Roundup: Consumers And Mobile SecurityIt looks like Samsung is planning to launch its own AI assistant with its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. The development is in tune with the latest research from Opus, which predicts natural speech as becoming a key user interface. Speaking of the future of vocal modalities, news surfaced last week that Nuance Communications has acquired voiceprint biometrics company AGNITiO.

Agnitio Acquired by Nuance Communications

Opus Research Heralds Ascent of Voice-Based User Interface

Samsung Planning AI Assistant for Galaxy S8


News Roundup: Consumers And Mobile SecurityWe took a look at how Mastercard is preparing to enable financial innovation in the connected smart city of tomorrow, while 5G initiatives made headlines last week. Samsung announced a successful 5G text with China Mobile and Ericsson partnered with Intel and NTT Docomo to bring next gen networks to Japan.

Ericsson, Intel Team Up with NTT Docomo to Bring 5G to Japan

Mastercard Positions for Smart City Market

Samsung Proclaims Success of 5G Testing with China Mobile


News Roundup: Consumers And Mobile SecurityRumors surfaced last week that Samsung is developing its own fingerprint sensor, something that may be connected to a recently announced software licensing agreement with Precise Biometrics. Even if there is a Samsung sensor in the works, the company still needs to get its biometric hardware elsewhere in the meantime, and last week Egis Technology announced it is providing its ET510 fingerprint sensor for two new Galaxy handsets. Speaking of sensor integrations, Fingerprint Cards was in the smartphone biometrics news as usual – new phones from Xiaomi and Lenovo launched last week featuring FPC sensors.

Samsung Reportedly Developing Fingerprint Sensors

Precise Biometrics Inks Licensing Deal with Samsung

Egis Technology Announces Samsung Galaxy Integrations

Lenovo Launches Moto M With FPC Biometric Sensor

Xiaomi’s New Redmi Devices Feature FPC Biometrics

The Big Picture of Mobile FinTech

News Roundup: Consumers And Mobile SecurityLast week Visa announced that it has partnered with BioConnect with an aim to put an end to mobile passwords. Meanwhile, the GSMA released a new report showing that mobile money has an advantage when it comes to traditional remittance methods. Read more below:

Visa Working With BioConnect To End Mobile Passwords

Mobile Tech Helping to Lower Migrants’ Remittances Costs: GSMA

Digital Wallets

News Roundup: Consumers And Mobile SecuritySpeaking of mobile money, the big digital wallets were in the headlines last week. Samsung Pay continued to gain support in Russia as it steadily matures into a comprehensive payment alternative. Apple Pay found more support in Hong Kong, meanwhile, as signs started to point to the platform’s rapid growth.

Hong Kong Supermarket Enables Apple Pay on App

Samsung Pay Transforming Into Comprehensive Digital Wallet

Signs of Rapid Growth for Apple Pay on the Web

Samsung Pay Expands Bank Support in Russia With Sberbank


News Roundup: Consumers And Mobile SecurityThe UK National Cyber Security Strategy has been published and last week the FIDO Alliance was celebrating the fact that its own standards play a key role int he 84 page document. Speaking of government security, Booz Allen announced Virtual Cloud Defense (VCD) – a security platform for Microsoft Azure Government.

FIDO Is An Important Component Of UK National Cyber Security Strategy

Booz Allen Announces Security Platform for Azure Government


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