News Roundup: Festive FinTech

Last week at Mobile ID World we reported on the usual wave of new biometrics-enabled mobile devices while smart cards took the spotlight ahead of this week’s Trustech 2016 conference. New developments in 5G connectivity energized the Internet of Things news too, as FinTech turned festive over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top mobile digital identity stories:

Festive FinTech

News Roundup: Festive FinTechBlack Friday offered fraudsters new opportunities for profitable crime last week, which in turn illustrated the growing need for behavioral biometrics systems. Of course, ’tis the season to spend on more than just yourself, and in that holiday spirit Apple Pay launched a new charitable donation functionality for its biometrics-protected mobile wallet.

NuData Warns of Holiday Fraudsters

Apple Pay Taps Into The Holiday Spirit


News Roundup: Festive FinTechVisa made news last week as it decried potential European e-commerce regulations that stand to add high-friction authentication steps to online shopping, while mobile biometric banking pioneer Atom Bank was recognized for its innovation and service on the Fintech 100 rankings. Behavioral biometric authentication looks poised to land on Leumi Card’s banking app, we reported, and new research has shown a positive correlation between advertising and mobile wallet usage in self-serve retail settings.

Atom Bank Climbs Fintech 100 Rankings

European Regulations Could Decimate e-Commerce: Visa

Passive Behavioral Biometric Authentication Coming To Banking App

Further Data Backs mPayment Promotion: USAT

Mobile Devices and Biometrics

News Roundup: Festive FinTechWe took a look at the next big trend in biometric sensor smartphone integrations last week while Fingerprint Cards announced its tech has launched on handsets from Huawei and an unnamed OEM from Taiwan. Safran Identity & Security launched the MorphoTablet 2 multimodal biometric tablet, FPC previewed its activities planned for Capital Markets Day, and we learned that the CEO of Huawei will be delivering a keynote address at CES 2017.

Safran Identity & Security Announces MorphoTablet 2

How Are Smartphone Fingerprint Biometrics Evolving?

Huawei CEO to Deliver Keynote Address at CES 2017

FPC, Precise Biometrics Announce Another Integration in Taiwan-Made Device

Take a Look at the Huawei Mate 9 Lite’s Fingerprint Biometrics

What Can We Expect From FPC on Capital Markets Day?

Smart Cards

News Roundup: Festive FinTechNEXT Biometrics is going to be showing off its flexible smart card fingerprint sensors at this week’s Trustech 2016 conference. Biometric smart cards have been gaining prominence in the identification technology industries, a trend corroborated by NEXT’s most recently announced flexible sensor design win. Last week Oberthur Technologies made the smart card news too, launching a dynamic CVV card solution in Europe and announcing a smart card deployment in Manila.

Check out all of last week’s big smart card news by following the links below:

OT Smart Cards to Serve as Digital Wallets, Transit Cards in Manila

NEXT Biometrics Announces Another Smart Card Design Win

OT Launches Dynamic CVV Card Security System in Europe

NEXT Will Be At Trustech 2016 Showcasing Its Flexible Fingerprint Sensors

Next Generation Access Control

News Roundup: Festive FinTechHID Global announced that its mobile access control solution was integrated into Honeywell Building Solutions’ Honeywell Vector Occupant App, the company announced last week. BIO-key made the news too, announcing a new Japanese distribution partner for its fingerprint biometrics technology aimed at enterprise and government applications.

HID Mobile Access Control Comes to Honeywell App

BIO-key Signs Shinden Hightex Corporation As New Distributor

The Evolution of IoT

News Roundup: Festive FinTechInnovation was the name of the game in last week’s connectivity news. Ericsson underlined the need for consistent digital identities in the hyper connected world, while Telus and Huawei announced an Internet of Things milestone, and Gemalto upgraded its LinqUs platform. We reported on IoT user interface developments too, taking a look at Audyssey eVR – a speech recognition solution that can hear voices from 19 feet away.

Heterogenous Network Deployment an IoT ‘Milestone’

Ericsson Gets Philosophical About Identity

Gemalto Announces Upgraded LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity Platform

Audyssey Aims for Long-Distance Voice Command


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