News Roundup: A New FIDO Milestone

Last week at Mobile ID World finance and biometrics were the dominant topics in the industry news. We reported on major standards developments that stand to deal a serious blow to online passwords, a new smartphone from a soda company, and the winners of this year’s Sesames Awards.

Here is a look back on the top stories in mobile identity management from last week:


News Roundup: A New FIDO MilestoneFinance dominated the news last week with the Canadian Apple Pay launch and murmurings of the upcoming release of Samsung Pay in the Chinese market. SayPay made it top the top three contenders in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge while MasterCard began to anticipate an increase in opportunities in China. The Hawaii Bankers Association took a stance against PIN technology, Visa has been trialing finger-vein based payments, and a new report forecasted increased mCommerce over the seasonal holidays.

SayPay Advances in UBS Future of Finance Challenge

MasterCard Anticipates Opportunities in China

Apple Pay Launches in Canada

Samsung Pay to See China Launch in Q1 2016: Reports

More Shoppers Will Use mPayments This Holiday Season: Research

Hawaii Bankers Association, AG Oppose Chip and PIN

Visa Europe Gives Finger-Vein Payments A Try


Biometric Authentication BannersOne of the biggest news stories of the week came out of Japan, where the FIDO Alliance announced a major milestone. The consortium partnered with W3C in a move that will see its strong online authentication specifications become ubiquitous on Web browsing platforms. MasterCard, in the meantime, announced its own specification for loyalty rewards in mPayments, something of a hot topic as the slew of mobile wallets vie for the attention of consumers.

FIDO Hits Major Milestone, Partners with W3C

Nok Nok Labs Weighs In On FIDO’s W3C News

MasterCard Announces Loyalty Rewards Specification for mPayments


Biometric Authentication BannersIn mobile biometrics news last week the primary modality was once again fingerprint recognition. Lenovo launched new handsets with embedded Fingerprint Cards (FPC) and Precise Biometrics technology, we reported on a fingerprint-based gun control solution, and Synaptics boasted about the newest numbers related to its under-glass sensor. Egis was at Cartes with its fingerprint biometric technology, showing off its latest FIDO Certified dongle among other wares.

It wasn’t all fingerprints last week though. Sesnsory, Inc. launched TrulySecure 2.0—the latest upgrade to its flagship multimodal face and voice software—which can claim “virtually impenetrable security.”

Upgraded Password Manager App Leverages Android 6.0 Biometric Capabilities

Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor Operates Through 200μm of Glass

Egis to Debut FIDO Certified Dongle at Cartes

Biometric Access Control Comes to Gun Magazines

New Lenovo Devices’ Sensors Use Precise Biometrics Tech

Sensory Launches TrulySecure 2.0

Smartphones and  Tablets

Biometric Authentication BannersIn device news last week, we learned of a new fingerprint sensor sporting smartphone from Pepsi (yes, that Pepsi). AMREL launched a customizable tablet too, while rumors had experts speculating on Samsung’s plans to bring biometrics to its budget priced handsets.

Samsung to Bring Biometrics to Cheaper Smartphones

Pepsi Adds to Budget Smartphone Sensor Fizz

AMREL Launches Customizable Rugged Android Tablet


HiResThe 2015 Sesames awards were announced last week, and the winners illustrated some prominent trends in the digital payments world. Meanwhile, in the realm of vital biometrics, Sentrian was named a finalist in the Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition.

Sentrian Named Finalist For Healthcare Award

Sesames Awards Winners Reflect Digital Payments Trends

Research, Markets, Fiscal Reports

Medical background - Grunge styleImageWare Systems released its fiscal results last week while we published stories on two reports. According to new research, the signature verification market is being stoked by mobile innovation and the fitness wearables sector is on track to generate $10 billion in revenue by the end of the decade.

Fitness Wearables Sector to Generate $10B in Revenue by 2020: Juniper

Signature Verification Market To See Steady Growth

ImageWare Q3 Results Show Increasing Revenues


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